Day fifty: linen & lace

I've been toying with an idea of opening my own e-shop for some time now and I have finally decided to go for it. Yes! However, in order to open a shop one must have a stock, right? This seemed like a perfect occasion to start working on my own collection featuring linen and lace and inspired merely by nature around me. So here is a sneak preview: the very first set of zip pouches I created with this concept in mind.  
This is my walk in a forest: mosaics of million leaves, tender moss carpets, toughness of a tree bark and cheerful crackle of cones.
 The larger bag is originally designed as a tablet case, but there are plenty of applications for this format: for instance, why not keep all your tickets, maps and documents at one place while travelling? The smaller pouch is perfect for so many things: stationery, make-up, meds, money, candy... you name it.


  1. Beidzot! Šī ir brīnišķīga ideja un uzdrīkstēšanās, un vēl brīnišķīgāks turpinājums Tavam jaunajam ceļam. Pareizi ir - kad krustcelēs ir stāvēts un jauna taka iemēģināta, tad tik jāturpina atklāt apvāršņi! Kolosāli, Lidonīt!

    1. Jā, apvāršņi, vai ne? To taku ir tik daudz, bet kājas tikai divas :)
      Mīļš paldies par uzmundrinājumu :) Ziņošu par progresu.