Day fourty one: tale of a basket

Once upon a time there was a laundry basket. It lived in a factory shop together with other baskets of various makes and sizes. Nobody could remember for sure how long it had been sitting there hoping to go to a home with actual laundry, until one day a man came into the shop together with his wife. They had arrived with a simple task in mind: to buy a laundry basket in a shop filled with baskets. However, the woman was experiencing a sudden surge of indecision and after a long while of staring and shuffling she still couldn't figure out which of the baskets she preferred. So the man took the matter in his hands and chose the one he found to be large enough and didn't mind too much. The basket was finally at home with actual laundry, but the wife kept gazing at it with great deal of suspicion. For about two years she kept wondering what it was that annoyed her so much about that poor laundry basket until one day it finally hit her: it was the awful white lining with the word "Laundry" on it. It was indeed poorly made and always slid into the basket when it was filling up. That had to go! So in no time the basket got a brand new lining made out of linen, finished with a bit of lace and comprising a string to prevent it from sliding all over the place. Once it was done, they all lived happily ever after.


Day fourty: hold the phone

I have a friend who calls me now and then from work just to say she passed my old office or heard my language somewhere and that she missed me. She keeps calling me up despite being well aware that talking on the phone gives me the creeps. And I  love her for that :) I realize that her schedule is so tight that it's either this or no communication for weeks. So I get a short 'thinking about you' call from a stuffed bus, I don't hear half of it and probably respond like an imbecile, but her trying to reach me warms my heart. We used to work together, in fact we even started on the same day and from that moment on we instinctively took care of each other the way we could and understood. When we meet, we talk for hours, and hours are never enough...
So she called again today and despite me being a total moron on the phone again we somehow managed to arrange a lunch for next week. Miss you to pieces, busy bee.


Day thirty nine: one hundred definitions

It's amazing how the simplest thing in a shop window or a random combination of colours can make us think of somebody. Sometimes it takes no longer than a second to rush through the whole string of associations in our head that induce this sudden sense of familiarity. There must be at least a hundred of things that somehow define each of us in the eyes of other people, and not necessary all of them are true. Or even close. I'm sure all of you have heard something like "Oh, I saw this gorgeous/weird/sweet thing in the shop/magazine/bus and it made me think of you!" And how often have you raised an eyebrow in perplexity and/or horror when you see the thing? :) It's just dazzling! But it doesn't really matter, does it? For me the most important part of the sentence has always been the 'think-of-you' bit. Besides, sometimes these associations are so spot on that I cannot help but feel blessed and wonder at what point did our definitions overlap so perfectly :) I guess this is just how friendships work...


Day thirty eight: collect a whole set

Sometimes I wonder what it is about women and constant pursuit of 'matching things'. I'm not very good at this myself, mainly because I find the whole concept a bit troublesome. This might not sound very ladylike, but there are just too many fantastic things and colours in this world for me to stay consistent :) In nine times out of ten I would choose three different things over three matching ones. Or if I really like a piece of clothing (which doesn't happen too often) I'll just buy it without making a fuss over the contents of my wardrobe and chances of finding anything there that might actually go with the thing I'm about to acquire. As said before: not ladylike at all... However, when it comes to sewing there's no fuss at all. If the fabric has inspired me I'd easily make a set of matching things in a heartbeat. Maybe this is the first step towards appreciating match-making after all?


Day thirty seven: underneath the Christmas tree

Here we are. Welcome to 2015 - a year of blue goats, changing winds, and huge potential. I've been away for a while travelling and celebrating, and visiting people and places I missed to pieces. Now I'm back all refreshed and inspired and my creative spirit is getting restless after spending three weeks in glorious standby mode.
 However, before jumping into the unknown I still have a couple of projects left undocumented from last year. For instance, these simple and handy linen totes I gave as gifts to my friends and relatives. By now all the bags have reached their new owners and I hope they will find them useful. The only one left is the dwarf bag which I ended up using myself throughout Christmas and liked very much. There is something about these totes that makes them immensely comforting and reassuring: I guess it's the size and simplicity. I'll certainly make more for summer season :) We'll get there sooner or later.