Day fourty eight: tree of treasures

 In case you feel like expanding your personal definition of "amazing friend", I can help you with that. An amazing friend is someone who spots a piece of fabric featuring at least five of your favourite things and gives it to you as a picnic gift :) I have this fabric for months now, but it took me a while to come up with a project idea for it. Obviously, I didn't want to ruin the beautiful tree by unnecessary cutting or crumpling, so finally I decided to make a simple canvas for my sewing corner. As for foundation of this art piece I used a ready-made canvas for painting and just pinned the fabric on with tacks (is this the right word?). Sure, it doesn't look perfect on the back, but it was an easy solution and back side doesn't really matter when it hangs on a wall. What matters to me is that I am quite happy with the final result :)
Can you guess which are my favourite things featured on this fabric?


Day fourty seven: corduroy moments

She appeared on my doorstep with a huge cardboard box in her hands. 
"I really have too much stuff," she said, "I just set aside some greens and blues for you." My sweet, sweet Irina: a trustworthy friend, an artistic soul and a fabric fairy in one person. (Cannot wait to see your new home, dear!)
Among many other gorgeous things the gift box contained the liveliest piece of corduroy I've ever seen - so soft and chummy, and bursting with colours - I simply couldn't resist it. Knowingly, I came up with a crafty plan that would let me to keep a part of this silky greenness within my reach and line of vision. I guess in other circumstances I wouldn't even consider corduroy as a cushion material, but I'm glad I gave it a try. They are so cosy, what a treat!