Day thirty nine: one hundred definitions

It's amazing how the simplest thing in a shop window or a random combination of colours can make us think of somebody. Sometimes it takes no longer than a second to rush through the whole string of associations in our head that induce this sudden sense of familiarity. There must be at least a hundred of things that somehow define each of us in the eyes of other people, and not necessary all of them are true. Or even close. I'm sure all of you have heard something like "Oh, I saw this gorgeous/weird/sweet thing in the shop/magazine/bus and it made me think of you!" And how often have you raised an eyebrow in perplexity and/or horror when you see the thing? :) It's just dazzling! But it doesn't really matter, does it? For me the most important part of the sentence has always been the 'think-of-you' bit. Besides, sometimes these associations are so spot on that I cannot help but feel blessed and wonder at what point did our definitions overlap so perfectly :) I guess this is just how friendships work...

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