Day fourty nine: a song for someone

Lately, I've been sewing things only for other people: either for sale and special orders or as gifts to friends and family. Don't get me wrong, I am sincerely happy to give these things away and nothing warms my heart more than seeing people using and enjoying my creations. However, at one point I realised that there is one person whom I have completely disregarded in this process even though I know that this person also could use something pretty this spring :) Right, the time has come to sew something nice for me (ME!) 
I had been meaning to make this linen tote for quite some time, the vision of green leaves were on my mind long before they appeared on the actual trees outside. So I sat down and made the tote, relishing every moment of giving a present to myself. Try this some time - it can be really rewarding.
I bring the spring tote to the language course every time: the size is perfect to hold all the books and materials. Happy :)


  1. Ļoti skaisti un pavasarīgi! Oderes maliņa pa gabalu rada asociācijas ar debesīm un mākoņiem :)

    1. Paldies! Jauki, ka ienāci ciemos :)