Day fourty five: schwätz du lëtzebuergesch?

Just a couple of days after starting a language course, I spotted a grim headline asking "is Luxembourgish language doomed?" Indeed, due to the high percentage of immigrants and commuters Luxembourg has become a multicultural swarm of bees where one can easily navigate through life using other languages. And since the linguistic situation is so democratic here, foreigners often don't make the slightest effort to learn the real language of people of Luxembourg. Apparently, today Luxembourgish is spoken only by 400,000 people all over the world. So why on earth do I want to be the 400,001st? I believe that no matter how fluent somebody is in any other language, when it comes to the very soul of this country and people who keep the fire burning, it is the one language that makes the difference. Finally, I asked myself: do I want to continue navigating or would I prefer to reach out and touch the soul instead?

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