Day fourty two: till sunbeams find you

My short investigation in the local shop led to a simple conclusion: I'm not buying a single pillowcase ever again! For starters, the assortment itself is just soooo monotonous (huge sizes, plain colours, tedious trims), and even if a person (i.e. me) manages to spot an item that miraculously matches up to one's personal colour-size-frustration preferences, facing the number on the price-tag is yet another reality check. Thanks, but no thanks :) 
So instead of wasting ridiculous amount of money on things I hardly like, I went through my fabric supplies and decided to make my own pillowcases: the size I need, the fabric I love and most definitely NO trims. And just as I expected: this was one of the easiest and most pleasant sewing projects I've ever tried. Even inserting a zip for couch pillows was no trouble at all. 
Yet another item off my shopping list: what a relief :)


  1. Ļoti skaisti! Visi patīk, taču mans favorīts ir dīvānspilveni.

    1. Mans laikam arī :) Būs vēl.