Day thirty: red cheeks and air balloons

I made this zip-pouch a while ago, only didn't have a chance to post any photos. In fact, this was the very first scrap bag I made: the apple fabric is just too lively and juicy to let any bit go unnoticed. Since we were blessed with yet another sunny afternoon, I immediately took the bag out on the balcony to make a couple of photos. After spending a quarter of an hour stretching, turning, bending, and kneeling I suddenly heard a strange puffing noise. Instinctively I glanced up and there it was: a hot air balloon just above my head! What a beautiful world... full of wonders, apples and balloons :)



  1. do you have the measurements for making this bag

    1. Hi Rolanda, thanks for dropping by.
      There is a fantastic free pattern for these make-up bags, I can highly recommend it: http://so-sew-easy.com/easy-cosmetics-bag-pattern
      The normal measurements of the pattern are 23,5 cm (top and bottom) x 20 cm (height) and you must use a 22 cm zipper. However, this particular bag I made is a bit smaller due to seam allowances. I used a 18 cm zip for it and adjusted the other dimensions accordingly.