Day seven: no small talk

I decided to finalize the make-up-bag-week with a mini version of the same pouch (plus I went through my stash and found a tiny red zipper and a little scrap of fabric left over from the ladybug's project). The result looks much nicer in reality as it does in photos (oh, sweet daylight, where art thou?) and I'm actually pleased with the result: the size is very handy for occasions when we are going out and need just a couple of things. And these wallets nowadays:  jeez, they're huge! Sometimes light&easy is all we need. Just like some people eagerly engage in small talk with strangers and think this is the easy level of communication. This might be it, but I honestly struggle to see the added value of any conversation - either significant or small - leading nowhere and feeling like a complete waste of time. I prefer making small things to talking about the ones we cannot change :)

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